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The Farallon Strategies Team


Jenn McKenzie

Operations and Project Lead
Jenn McKenzie is the Operations and Project Lead at Farallon Strategies where she maintains a supportive environment to build strong partnerships and programs to drive successful policy, planning, design, and finance projects. She supports Farallon Strategies’s clients by responding to client requests with care, and breaking down complex tasks into manageable actions. She uses her organizational skills to strengthen Farallon’s internal operations.

Prior to joining Farallon Strategies, she analyzed surface water and groundwater data to support client compliance with California’s Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program, a program to prevent agricultural runoff from impacting surface water. She also helped local agencies develop projects to reduce their reliance on groundwater and to seek funding to implement these projects. She has also helped clients pursue State and federal grants for projects ranging from parks to zero-emission vehicle master plans.

Jenn has a Master of Science in Forestry and Natural Resource Sciences from the University of Kentucky where she managed an interagency research project examining the impacts of a novel pathogen on aquatic wildlife populations. Jenn has spent significant time collecting ecological data for projects, from counting Monarch butterflies to understand population responses to climate change, to wrangling anoles in the Bahamas. When not at work, Jenn likes to spend time outside including hiking with her husband and their black lab, birding, and playing pickleball.