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The Farallon Strategies Team


Carolyn Yvellez

Project and Strategy Lead
Carolyn Yvellez is the Founding Associate of Farallon Strategies, LLC. As a passionate climate adaptation planner and resilience professional, Carolyn has experience working at the local, regional, and national level for non-profits, public, and private organizations. Skilled in project management, stakeholder engagement, and technical writing and analysis, Carolyn specializes in developing tools, frameworks and plans that assist communities in assessing their climate risk and develop strategies rooted in social equity. She is particularly passionate about advancing community resilience by scaling policies, programs, and projects that democratize local economies and build community wealth and social solidarity.

Prior to joining Farallon Strategies, Carolyn worked as a Senior Climate Analyst in a consulting and engineering firm where she assisted with the project management and preparation of municipal clients’ Climate Action and Adaptation Plans, Local Hazard Mitigation Plans, and Environmental Justice and Safety Elements of General Plans. Prior to her consulting work, she was a Fellow with the CivicSpark Governor’s AmeriCorps Initiative where she led the development of the South Bay's sub-regional climate adaptation plan. Carolyn began her career at the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative where she was the Project Manager for the Urban Adaptation Assessment, an innovative digital tool assessing risk and readiness of U.S. cities.