National Service Program Development and Support

The Farallon Strategies Team built some of the earliest climate focused fellowship and AmeriCorps programs in the United States. Our team now works at this intersection of climate and national service to help improve existing programs and catalyze the development of new national service initiatives focused on climate and community resilience. Our experience and understanding of these domains allows us to connect critical resources, support relationship development, and craft solutions that unlock the power of national service as a strategy for change.

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Project Descriptions

America’s Services Commission - Climate Corps Working Group Support

Building on a landscape assessment and network support process from 2021, Farallon Strategies is continuing to foster understanding of the climate service landscape for America’s Service Commission members. Leveraging the climate service opportunities memo written in 2021, an extensive database of resources, and decision framework created in early 2022, Farallon Strategies hosts a standing monthly Climate Working Group call, offers technical assistance “office hours” for commissions that have questions or need additional support and through this activity supports introductory conversations and foundational collaborative knowledge exchange and relationship building between the national service community  and climate practitioners across the country.

Michigan Community Service Commission - Climate Corps Strategy Development

Farallon Strategies is helping the Michigan Service Commission (MCSC) develop a statewide climate corps strategy and shepherding that strategy through a $1.5 million funding solicitation / grantee selection process. Farallon Strategies is working with the Executive Director of MCSC to identify the appropriate pathway and timing to solicit interested grantees for a statewide climate corps initiative. In support of this Farallon Strategies provides stakeholder engagement (state and local), RFP development, and applicant review support.

CivicWell - CivicSpark AmeriCorps Program Support

Farallon Strategies is playing an advisory and support role for CivicWell’s key program CivicSpark. The Farallon Strategies team is supporting program expansion efforts in Colorado and Washington states through direct outreach, communications support, and proposal development support. Additionally, the Farallon Strategies team is helping provide input and guidance for overall program strategy and refinement by working with the CivicWell leadership on program design and operational improvements through support for staff recruitment and onboarding, strategic planning process support, funding and sponsorship guidance, and representation of CivicSpark to national service networks.

Volunteer Florida - Landscape Assessments

Farallon Strategies is supporting Volunteer Florida’s efforts to build understanding of service potential in different sectors (climate resilience, public health, housing). Building on work started in 2021, Farallon Strategies is implementing a series of landscape assessments of service need, activity, and organizational interest through surveys and interviews. Out of this process, Farallon Strategies is leading a stakeholder engagement process to help interested organizations better understand the potential from AmeriCorps service programming and if appropriate to develop a proposal to Volunteer Florida for funding.

Conservation Trust for North Carolina - Resilience Corps Strategy Development

Farallon Strategies is supporting an effort by the Conservation Trust for North Carolina to develop a statewide resilience AmeriCorps strategy. Through stakeholder outreach and engagement and a resilience risk and response landscape assessment Farallon Strategies will be collating, and categorizing the existing capacity of and potential opportunity for resilience focused service support across the state, especially for the highest need communities. Findings will contribute to a set of recommendations on how best to structure a statewide resilience service initiative.

ServeWA - Climate Corps Strategy

Farallon Strategies is assisting the Washington State Service Commission – ServeWA – with  Governor’s Office coordination, identification of needs and capacity from the field and support for development of a cohesive vision for a state-level Climate Corps.  Farallon Strategies will work with ServeWA leadership to develop an overall concept and a corresponding budget request. In parallel, Farallon Strategies will support initial partner engagement activities (especially among existing service programs) and preliminary program criteria.
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