Capacity Building and Stakeholder Activation

The Farallon Strategies Team provides technical assistance, stakeholder activation, and other capacity building support to advance community climate, resilience, and equity goals. Our team has experience advising our clients on inclusive community engagement, focused stakeholder initiatives, partnership development, grant guidelines development, and grant writing support.

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Project descriptions

Climate Crossroads: California’s Readiness to Act on Climate Resilience

Farallon Strategies worked with Resilient Cities Catalyst and the California Resilience Partnership to prepare a statewide landscape analysis to inform the State of California’s distribution of climate resilience funding. Emerging from the historic $3.7 billion for climate resilience signed into California’s State budget, this analysis provided recommendations that can help stakeholders maximize this generational opportunity to foster long-term resilience in the communities where these dollars are most needed. This report was developed through extensive data analysis, the perspectives of hundreds of climate resilience leaders and stakeholders via almost 100 sessions, a survey, and research. It includes six concrete recommendations that can inform grant programs and policy, and highlight where opportunities exist to make the greatest impact across California communities today, and into the future.

Strategic Growth Council’s Build Organize Optimize Strengthen Transform (BOOST) Program Round

Farallon Strategies is supporting the Institute for Local Government and the Strategic Growth Council in providing BOOST technical assistance that builds capacity to advance climate and equity goals of seven under-resourced cities. Farallon Strategies is working with the project team to deliver work plans for each of the seven cities and serve as advisors to the cities on adaptation and environmental justice (SB 379 and SB 1000 compliance), plan integration, and inclusive community engagement. In addition, Farallon Strategies provides grant application support which has provided millions of dollars in matching grants for the communities BOOST is serving.

Farmer's market. Photo: Jim Nix, flickr
Community Gardens. Photo: Dennis Sylvester Hurd.

Strategic Growth Council’s Transformative Climate Communities

Farallon Strategies is supporting Estolano Advisors in providing technical assistance to TCC applicants. Based on our experience with urban planning and working with disadvantaged, low-income, and unincorporated communities in California, Farallon Strategies is supporting the development of work plans, refinement of project scopes and narratives, and confirming alignment with program guidelines. Our team coordinates across local jurisdictions, the project team, and state agencies to provide technical support and address project-specific concerns while concurrently providing recommendations to SGC on how to improve future rounds of the program.

Pacific Gas & Electric Community Engagement Plan

Farallon Strategies is partnered with Interethnica to support the development and implementation of PG&E’s Community Engagement Plan to inform their Climate Vulnerability Assessment. This work involves developing an advisory group composed of community based organizations to lead outreach in climate-vulnerable communities throughout PG&E’s service territory in order to understand how communities are experiencing the impacts of climate change as well as identify priority community resilience strategies. Farallon Strategies is focused on the development of a sustained partnership model that features ongoing financial support for community based organizations to maximize the impact and longevity of community collaborations.

People walking on street. Photo: Derick McKinney.