Farallon Strategies Welcomes Jenn McKenzie!

Farallon Strategies is excited to welcome Jenn McKenzie to the team as the new Operations and Project Lead. Jenn is passionate about conservation and sustainability, and is excited to work with Farallon’s clients to deliver projects which help them address the impacts of climate change on communities. She is also eager to use her love of data and spreadsheets to strengthen Farallon Strategies’ internal operations.

Jenn has a Master of Science in Forestry and Natural Resource Sciences from the University of Kentucky where she managed an interagency research project examining the impacts of a novel pathogen on aquatic wildlife populations. Jenn has spent significant time collecting ecological data for projects, from counting Monarch butterflies to understand population responses to climate change, to wrangling anoles in the Bahamas. Her research has been cited by other researchers over 120 times. She leverages her background in practical data collection and analysis to provide guidance and ensure project success, with particular emphasis on complex aquatic systems and climate resiliency.

Previously, Jenn analyzed surface water and groundwater data to support client compliance with California’s Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program, a program to prevent agricultural runoff from impacting surface water. She continued  providing technical expertise in the groundwater space by assisting local agencies with identifying priority projects, developing projects, securing implementation funding and managing deliverable reporting to reduce unsustainable community dependence on groundwater. Jenn specializes in data-driven project management and supporting community resilience.

When not at work, Jenn likes to spend time outside including hiking with her husband and their black lab, birding, and playing pickleball.

Photo by Joss Woodhead on Unsplash

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