Beth Gibbons joins Farallon Strategies

Farallon Strategies is excited to welcome Beth Gibbons to the team as Social Governance and National Resilience Lead! Beth joins Farallon Strategies from her previous post as Executive Director of the American Society of Adaptation Professionals. Along with deep relationships across the climate profession and movement, Beth brings nearly twenty years of experience working on climate adaptation, sustainable development, community engagement, and partnership building to her role at Farallon Strategies. Her past climate portfolio includes developing and executing climate adaptation plans, strategies, and projects at multiple scales of government and across sectors. She has worked with community organizations, tribes and indigenous communities, and BIPOC led institutions as an advisor, partner and advocate ensuring that the lived experience, expertise and demands of these communities are prioritized in local, state, and federal adaptation initiatives.

Beth has extensive experience leading climate science-focused studies. These include improving integration of hydrologic and climate data into models for improved downscaled climate information across eight states and two provinces of the U.S. and Canada; a regional synthesis of the Third National Climate Assessment; co-production and cross sectoral knowledge sharing; and measuring the effectiveness of co-production models to support the application of climate data in local decision making. She is a current co-author of the Fifth National Climate Assessment, due out in 2023.

When Beth and Michael first started exploring her coming to work at Farallon Strategies she told him, “I want to work on projects that will advance our adaptation and mitigation goals, build more resilient communities and economies, and unleash the abundance of resources that are out there for deep transformational change. I want to advise and collaborate with clients and partners who want to dare to fail and are willing to make and break models until we find what works best for them.”

Farallon Strategies team is excited to have Beth join our dynamic team at Farallon Strategies and provide leadership in our relationship-based approach to working with clients as they seek to understand climate impacts, implement policies and practices which advance equitable climate solutions, and build durable and transformational change.

Book cover: This is How You Los the Time War, featuring photos of two birds


Beth’s Current Favorite Book: This is How You Lose the Time War (bonus – it’s a novella!)

Why? As a science fiction lover, I revel in the time paradox that equitable climate resilience poses: We are forced to reconcile our past failings and missteps (intentional and unintentional) with an uncertain and rapidly changing future, all while moving at the speed of trust and with the urgency of the climate crisis.

Forest photo by Annie Nyle on Unsplash

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