Investing in regional resilience

By Michael McCormick

​California is facing a number of worsening impacts of climate change now and into the future. LGC, a Farallon Strategies partner, produced a sign-on letter (below), mirrored by #FaraStrat’s own letter (also below), to support a robust investment in this work in this historic budget. The effort is compatible with a number of other priorities reflected in other comment letters coming from other organizations – some of these and other budget priorities are reflected in LGC’s blog post <here>. ​

​See the LGC letter <here> – and consider signing on via the following link. 

Please sign on to this letter <here>.
​Also see Farallon Strategies’ resilience budget letter as an example of a more personalized letter. Feel free to borrow any content for any of these letters for your organization’s comments.

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