Thoughts from Greenlining Institute’s Annual Summit

Farallon Strategies is thankful to have attended Greenlining’s 28th Annual Economic Summit focused on Meeting the Moment and #Momentum21 to support the work of the California Resilience Partnership. We will continue to bring these important concepts in our work in creating transformational change and advancing equity in work on climate and resilience.

We need to Decarbonize, Democratize, and Decolonize our energy system. -Antonio Diaz

The status quo had nothing going for it, but still some people feel the status quo is all they have. -Angela Glover Blackwell

We should never go back to the status quo that existed before we began to build the new world. -Angela Glover Blackwell

We just want healthy places to live in, good jobs, and respect and dignity. The status quo makes those things look radical. – Michael Tubbs

What’s radical is the notion that white supremacy is a false ideology. – Michael Tubbs

We must move through allyship to ownership. – Angela Glover Blackwell
Transformative solidarity is the creation of a beloved community. – Michael Tubbs

Other takeaways: 

We need rapid and radical decarbonization to meet the challenge of climate change. But decarbonization at all cost is problematic without putting justice at the center. 

Networks and collaboration are essential for trust. Without trust, you don’t get community participation or buy-in to the technologies that need to be widely adopted.

The real urgency of the climate crisis needs to be in achieving justice.

Building resilience is building community power. 

Thank you @Greenlining for inspiring us to imagine communities we want to build together and @CitiesCatalyst and @HiltonFound for the support to attend and participate in this critical discussion. #FaraStrat @farastrat @mmccormickcc

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