Welcome Carolyn Yvellez!

​Joining Farallon Strategies in February 2021 as a Founding Associate, Carolyn Yvellez brings a deep understanding of how climate change and resilience goals and policies are implemented on the ground. She brings advanced analytical proficiency, passion, and knowledge of climate and environmental justice issues to help communities make informed planning decisions and arrive at solutions that promote equity and resilience. 

Carolyn has worked with the team at Farallon Strategies and partners actively over the past few years in other capacities, and developed a focus on helping communities, non-governmental organizations, and government work together more effectively. Carolyn has extensive experience assessing potential climate impacts on people, structures, and natural systems – and developing strategies and tactics to address those impacts. In prior roles, she conducted over 20 climate vulnerability assessments, and wrote and prepared several climate action and adaptation plans, local hazard mitigation plans, general plan safety elements, and environmental justice elements. 

Carolyn works with jurisdictions to develop and pursue policies that promote climate resilience through community-building initiatives including community gardening, community-owned energy, and community land trusts, among others that result in a more sustainable, regenerative economy. 

In her free time, Carolyn enjoys camping, tending to her garden and three chickens, and making pottery. 

Welcome Carolyn!

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