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Farallon Strategies launch

Farallon Strategies launched in September of 2020 to activate emerging opportunities that support transformative change in climate and resilience governance, strategy, policies, programs, and projects in California and beyond. In this space we will share more on our work and how we are supporting efforts across California, and the United States, to spur innovation around climate change, sustainability, and resilience. From carbon negative ambitions to transformative and equitable resilience, incrementalism is no longer enough to drive the change we need to stabilize our climate and emerge a prosperous, equitable, and vibrant society for future generations.

Farallon strategies helps fill a gap in the management consulting and policy shop landscape – not only providing fee for service and extension of staff relationships – but also partnership, strategy, and capacity building. Farallon Strategies helps to create and activate networks in new ways to drive transformative change in organizations and communities.

​We look forward to working with you.

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