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Farallon Strategies is a catalytic partner to communities and organizations that want to take bold actions to address climate change and the resulting impacts on our communities. We help build lasting relationships between our clients and project stakeholders through strategic governance strategies, technical assistance, and expert facilitation that establish a clear vision, actionable goals, and focused priorities. We acknowledge that lasting solutions are formed from the ground-up, and we help create and activate networks to drive transformative change in communities and organizations who seek to empower residents and workers with leadership and decision-making opportunities.

​Farallon Strategies launched in September of 2020 to activate emerging opportunities that support transformative change in climate and resilience governance, strategy, policies, programs, and projects in California and beyond. Incrementalism is no longer sufficient to drive the change we need to stabilize our climate and emerge a prosperous, equitable, and vibrant society for future generations. We help to spur innovation around climate change, sustainability, and resilience to transcend incrementalism.

Farallon Strategies helps fill a gap in the management consulting and policy landscape – not only providing fee for service and extension of staff relationships – but also partnership, strategy, and capacity building.

​We look forward to working with you.

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Positive Impact Commitment

The purpose of Farallon Strategies is to create a material positive impact on society and the environment, taken as a whole, from the business and operations of the Company. To provide a structured way to track progress on this mission Farallon Strategies, LLC is pursuing B Corporation status. ​

Farallon Strategies, LLC is committed to sustainability and has a goal of being carbon negative, meaning "activity goes beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions to...create an environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere."


Working Together

Farallon Strategies' clients and partners are public agencies, consulting firms, collaboratives, and non-profit organizations working towards the common goal of a better tomorrow. We partner with a broad range of organizations to ensure the best team for each initiative. We partner with our clients to support:

Policy and Program Development

Capacity Building and National Service

Regulatory and Policy Advocacy

Regional Governance Solutions

Coalition Building and Stakeholder Engagement

Confidential Strategy and Litigation Support

Working together to support a better tomorrow.

Our Partners and Collaborators

As a small, mission-driven firm, Farallon Strategies partners and collaborates with other organizations to create a greater impact. Through these relationships, we support organizations and communities in achieving our shared priorities across the United States. 

Our Team

The Farallon Strategies Team


Michael Mccormick, AICP

Michael McCormick, AICP is the Founder and President of Farallon Strategies, LLC, an advisory, policy, and management consulting firm based in Davis, California. He founded Farallon Strategies to support the creation of transformative solutions to reduce society's contributions to climate change and the needed resilience in communities to address the impacts of climate change. He has worked at the local, regional, state, federal levels, and in non-profit, business, and government. These perspectives allow him to see the interconnectedness of work across governance and organizations, and to help create the vision and strategy to affect change.

Michael served as the Senior Planning Advisor in Governor Brown's Office of Planning and Research, as a Deputy Associate Director at the White House Council on Environmental Quality under President Obama, and currently serves as a Special Advisor to the Local Government Commission, Advisor to Resilient Cities Catalyst, Senior Fellow at Rincon Consultants, Mentor at 3rd Derivative, the Board President for the Cool Davis Foundation, a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum: Mountain Valley Chapter, and a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners. Michael is an instructor and visiting lecturer at various universities and institutes and teaches classes on climate change, land use, and resilience at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Organizations.

Carolyn Yvellez

Carolyn Yvellez is the Founding Associate of Farallon Strategies, LLC. As a passionate climate adaptation planner and resilience professional, Carolyn has experience working at the local, regional, and national level for non-profits, public, and private organizations. Skilled in project management, stakeholder engagement, and technical writing and analysis, Carolyn specializes in developing tools, frameworks and plans that assist communities in assessing their climate risk and develop strategies rooted in social equity. She is particularly passionate about advancing community resilience by scaling policies, programs, and projects that democratize local economies and build community wealth and social solidarity.

Prior to joining Farallon Strategies, Carolyn worked as a Senior Climate Analyst in a consulting and engineering firm where she assisted with the project management and preparation of municipal clients’ Climate Action and Adaptation Plans, Local Hazard Mitigation Plans, and Environmental Justice and Safety Elements of General Plans. Prior to her consulting work, she was a Fellow with the CivicSpark Governor’s AmeriCorps Initiative where she led the development of the South Bay's sub-regional climate adaptation plan. Carolyn began her career at the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative where she was the Project Manager for the Urban Adaptation Assessment, an innovative digital tool assessing risk and readiness of U.S. cities.

Christina Oraftik

Christina Oraftik is the Project Associate at Farallon Strategies bringing a multidisciplinary background with experience in climate policy, wildfire resilience, and nature-based adaptation solutions both internationally and domestically. Having worked with several Indigenous communities, she has experience in incorporating traditional ecological knowledge frameworks and holistic environmental viewpoints. With skills in research, writing, communication, and a variety of analytical tools, she has experience in taking complex and technical information down to the essential key takeaways suited for a variety of audiences.

Christina started her environmental career at an NGO creating community-based conservation and infrastructure projects on islands throughout the world. Her work included managing a broad array of project types from microloan programs for women protecting mangroves in Sri Lanka to peat moss bog restoration in Ireland. She then returned to school to get her Masters of Arts in International Environmental Policy from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey. While pursuing her graduate degree, she was able to work on a variety of local projects and get rooted in California’s environmental policy world. This included projects such as a study on nature-based adaptation for transportation and wetlands, wildfire resilience building, and local environmental education. A naturalist at heart, Christina enjoys learning the names and characteristics of all the plants and animals around her. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking, climbing, foraging edible and medicinal plants, and finding fun rocks.

Kif Scheuer, PhD

Kif Scheuer, PhD is a Strategy and Project Lead with Farallon Strategies, LLC. Kif is a solution-oriented environmental professional with over two decades of experience engaging local government and community stakeholders while catalyzing leadership and public service through creative program design, effective project implementation, deep relationship building, and compelling public advocacy and education. Kif has been fortunate to play an instrumental role in the launch, implementation, and growth of three national service programs, the California Adaptation Forum, and a statewide and national network of adaptation collaborators, among other accomplishments. His work at the intersection of community and climate resilience and leadership development gives him a unique expertise in capacity building, stakeholder engagement, and strategy development.

Kif served as the Climate Action Corps Director with California Volunteers, where he led the startup of the first State funded climate service program. From 2013-2020, Kif served as a Director with the Local Government Commission where he spearheaded the launch and growth of the award-winning CivicSpark AmeriCorps program. During his time at the Local Government Commission, Kif also directed three California Adaptation Forums and coordinated the Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation. Prior to the Local Government Commission, Kif worked at Strategic Energy Innovations, where he also led the launch and operation of Climate Corps Bay Area while also directing a range of climate planning projects for local governments in California. Kif has contributed to conferences, publications, and advisory roles including California’s 4th climate assessment, the California Adaptation Forum, Drawdown Marin, American Planning Association California Chapter Annual Conference, New Partners for Smart Growth, and Voices for California Service.

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